Experience artificial intelligence for perfume
Perfume is something that can make or break your entire look as it leaves a lasting impression on those around you.
Also it has been scientifically proven that different smells affects our mood & emotions in various situations like dates, family & friends meetings, negotiations, everyday routine and much more...
We create personalized perfumes and limited editions for different occasions and personalities with artificial intelligence.

Feely's Team

Unique brand new scents
for your event, hotel, salon, store or building
Tell us
what emotions do you want to put into your brand
and we create a memorable scent for your clients.
Diffusers, Candles, Soap, Gypsus for wadrobe
MAGIC fragrances for your home and car
based on picture inspiring you

SET: Diffuser, Spray, 2 candles, gypsus for wadrobe

99,9% natural & organic ingridients


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We use only natural high-quality ingridients and aphrodisiacs for your perfume
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