Your perfume was inspired by magic and illusion
How do you like Parfum [Magic scent]?
How matching is your perfume with the smell of the place in the picture?
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VALID UNTIL December 31, 2023
Personalized perfume creation
[Imagine having your very own personalized scent
that represents your unique personality and style.]
  • 1. Test

    you just have to fill out the Feely test about your preferences and tastes
  • 2. [Formula]

    the Feely artificial intelligence find the best perfume formula that is tailored just for you
  • 3. Testers

    Feely Team will connect with you to finalize formula and to prepare 3 testers for you based on your formula
  • 4. Parfum, 100 ml

    Creation of parfum for you and choice of 3 handbag perfumes matching with your scent
Personalized perfume creation
Parfum (25% of oils), 100 ml
1 500

Feely's perfume test

Get your perfume formula matching with your personality, preferences, mood and cultural roots.
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