Artificial Intelligence

3 November 2023

In5 Tech, Dubai
About perfomance
We will create your personal style, painting, music and perfume
using artificial intelligence
and reproduce it in the real world.
You can try it all in real life!
4h of show
100 guests
Who is invited?
Many many creators, artists, musicians, perfumers, data analysts. For the first time, technology and art will come face to face
    Perfomance pack
    during the show
    we will perform for each person AI artworks
    • AI painting
      this will be a stylish painting dedicated to you,
      which we show in our tech podium.
    • Record of your AI musicial compozition
      music created for your vibe, mood, personality.
      The musician will play it for you personally during event.
    • Parfum created with Feely AI just for you
      your very own personalized scent
      that represents your unique personality and style
    Be part of perfomance show
    limited number of participants
    We use
    • Chat GPT
    • Midjourney AI
    • Experience your magic scent